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textile auxiliaries

sourcing agent with low foam


scouring agent is applied in enzyme desizing/cracking,  surfactant desizing/cracking, acid desizing/cracking,alki scouring and oxidation bleaching.

performance has outstanding dispersing,  emulsification, cleaning decontamination , which can effectively remove impurities such as grease dirt, dirt particles and improve reproducibility in the subsequent processing.

2.good wetting properties and reproducibility.

3.good compatibility with enzymes and resistant to resistant to oxygen bleaching agent, acid and alkali.

4.soluble in water and simple to handing.

5.due to low foaming and non-defoamer, the machinery equipment runs smoothly during the processing.

6.environmentally friendly, free of apeo and good.


technical data:

appearance: opaque sticky liquid

ionicity: cation

ph value: 4.5-5.5

solubility: can be diluted with water at 30-60℃

storage life: can be stored for 6 months under original airtight container