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textile auxiliaries

peroxide bleach special auxiliary


peroxide bleach special auxiliary is multi-function auxiliary. can shorten the process of oxygen bleaching, reduce the production cost, improve the whiteness, no harmful to the fiber, so it is a perfect auxiliary to the cotton, jute and its blended fabric.


simplify the process of the oxygen bleaching.
should conteol the decomposing of hydrogen peroxide at a reasonable.speed in the process of the oxygen bleaching, and can reduce the bleaching time under high temperature, it only need 5 minytes to finished the process under the 130℃.
with high whiteness after the oxygen bleaching of fabric. uniformity after bleaching, also with good dyeing.


appearance: white prill crysrals
ionicity: anion
ph value:105.-12 after solubled in water
solubility: easily soluble in warm water
storage life: can be stored under cool and well ventilated